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 I am so glad to support your efforts. You’re website your emails, inspiring. Thank You.

God Bless


Thank you for your message!  Knowing that I can help even one person is motivation to continue!

God Bless you!

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters by Portia Nelson


Great video about phone use! Have a great day! Thanks JD


MyRecoveryArmor is sponsoring these events! 2-16-20

  Hi Bryan! After a lot of prayer and motivation I am being led to form a men’s conference relating to Christ in recovery. I would like to add a few keynote speakers. It will be October 3rd at The Salvation Army gymnasium in Janesville Wisconsin. Would you sponsor this event ?



  Hi Bryan,I am part of a nonprofit group called PAL Parents of Addicted Loved Ones.
We are hosting a banquet to bring more awareness of our group to the Midwest region.
We are looking for Recovery related items for our Silent Auction/Raffle. Would you be willing to help us with a donated item for our event. We would greatly appreciate it. You can learn more about our organization by going to Thank you in advance for your consideration. -Tina

GRATITUDE!!! 1-19-20

  Hey Brian,

Really good content. I am working on my self worth/esteem. I am trying to accept that my failed marriage doesn't mean I am a failure. Gratitude is the answer. Thanks for the great content.

Thanks for  the comment!!   You are not a  failure, you are a child of GOD and you are ENOUGH!!


  I wanted to thank you for the video music clips, the video ( Gods not done) really hit home and brought me out of the pit of disrepair thanks brother


Thank you Art!  Music is a big part of my recovery and I am glad it helps you too.  GOD BLESS